Episode Five: Periods and Disordered Eating

Thanks for tuning in to episode 5 of the Since Sliced Bread podcast! This week we’re tackling all things menstrual:  Mooncups, losing and regaining our periods, and how disordered eating and exercise can effect your cycle. There’s also chat about potatoes, medical bias and Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat thrown in for good measure. Enjoy! 

The music featured in this episode is Jazz by Deoxys Beats, used under the Creative Commons license.

Links mentioned

·      Robyn Nohling, the Real Life RD

·      No Period, Now What?

·      Caroline Dooner, The Fuck It Diet

·      Julie Duffy Dillon

·      Love, Food podcast

·      Potato Chaat recipe

·      The Green Roasting Tin

·      The Marvellous Mrs Maisel

·      Colour Brain board game

·      Mooncup


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