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One big side effect of disordered eating that not enough people bang on about

It's a funny thing, isn't it? That we've all probably started a diet thinking, or maybe hoping and wishing, that by cutting our carbs or fasting two days a week that we'll lose some weight and unlock our next-level-selves. Our cool, calm, confidence, thin, healthy, sexy selves. But when I lost the weight I wanted to…

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The thing that always helps me when I feel weird about food, exercise and my body

If you're a dieter or an ex-dieter or a woman or literally just any human walking through this world with its bullshit diet culture and cult of thinness and 'syns', points and step-counters, you've probably spent a good long time battling with disordered thoughts.

I mean the ones that make you feel guilty.

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I'm two stone heavier and two stone happier

14th May is kind of a little anniversary for me.

It was the day we went out for a fancy family lunch to celebrate my brother's 21st birthday and the first time in a long time that I told myself that I was allowed to eat whatever I wanted. I was allowed to eat whatever I wanted even though it wasn't my designated 'cheat day'

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How I meal prep and still eat intuitively

Like all good millenials with the burden of student debt and a conflicting ASOS addiction, I make myself feel a tiny bit better about my floundering finances by not spending six quid on a tiny Pret sarnie every working day. TLDR: I meal prep…

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