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Good Morning

I snooze my alarm a lot.
I leave the bin to get to crisis level of full before I empty it.
I still watch Big Brother.
I’m in a tiny little rubber dinghy sailing a sea of bad habits.

But in amongst the waves, I have one good thing I do every day...

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New Year's Resolutions, 2019

I know. I KNOW. New Year’s Resolutions are trash and make us feel like failures and there are 12,000 different think pieces out this week about why we should leave them behind with the year we’ve just waved goodbye to, but the truth is, dear reader, I am still hanging on. I love them. I make them every year and this one is no different. So after a tiny bit of thought on a hungover day in Betwixtmas, here’s the shit I hope to do in 2019:

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Boring stuff that I've been doing

I always feel, personally, that if I were to write a diary-style post it would just be so effin self-indulgent and pretentious and dull and people would either be so disinterested that I would put them in jeopardy of perishing from a severe and deadly bout of boredom or so baffled by my supreme sense of self-importance that I would become a laughing stock. Not that I'm an anxious person or anything, y'know…

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