New Year's Resolutions, 2019

I know. I KNOW. New Year’s Resolutions are trash and make us feel like failures and there are 12,000 different think pieces out this week about why we should leave them behind with the year we’ve just waved goodbye to, but the truth is, dear reader, I am still hanging on. I love them. I make them every year and this one is no different. I know myself well enough to not make resolutions that are huge upheavals- I will never be a person that buys investment pieces or uses hand cream. I usually resolve to just intentionally add more activities that I like to my life, so after a tiny bit of thought on a hungover day in Betwixtmas, here’s the shit I hope to do in 2019:

  1. Keep on keepin’ on with the dinner parties. That resolution brought us so much joy in 2018 and now it feels like a solid part of our agenda, so I’ve no intention of giving it up.

  2. Pencil in a Shakshuka Saturday. A couple of years ago, Beau and I used to go for a long run and then come home, whip up a massive batch of shakshuka and devour it with a stack of sourdough toast all the time and we really miss doing it. To make it happen, we want to start scheduling it once a month. Drive out to a local park, run, eat, done.

  3. Schedule a regular date night. I AM A WALKING CLICHÉ AND YES I HATE IT AND THE TERM ‘DATE NIGHT’ MAKES ME FEEL A LITTLE BIT ILL BUT THIS SHIT IS IMPORTANT TO ME AND HEY THERE’S NOTHING BETTER TO KEEP IT SPICY THAN A SCHEDULE AND SO BE IT. Beau and I will have been together for a whole decade this year but we’ve only been living together for just over a year. I’ve written about it before, but I think when you live with someone, it’s easy to feel like because you see each other every evening, you don’t need to make intentional time to be a couple, rather than just two people who bang, have a joint savings account and do each other’s laundry. We’re aiming for twice a month, but let’s see how that goes.

  4. Pitch two things a month, blog twice a month, send out a newsletter twice a month. I was lucky enough to have two pieces commissioned in December and so I’d like to keep flexing the writing muscle and welcoming in some freelance £££ this year, as well as actually committing to some kind of writing schedule for my own site.

  5. Less screen time. I think this will probably be on everyone’s list of priorities this year. It’s not that I think I’m awful with my phone. I don’t look at it before I go to bed (as a rule, I don’t keep it in the bedroom), I don’t get it out at the table or when I’m with friends, but I do worry about the amount of time wasted on it. I whinge that I don’t have enough time to write or to meditate or to do literally anything that is 12,000 times more productive than scrolling on my phone, but I do! I do! It’s just lost to watching ten second snippets of people I’ve never met. The time wasting thing really scares me. Do you know that David Cassidy’s last words on this here Earth were ‘So much wasted time’?! Star of the Partridge Family and singer of Daydreamer thought he had wasted so much time?! Is that not TERRIFYING? That man was a legit celeb! He did so much! And he didn’t grow up in the iPhone age. All I have yet to achieve is keeping alive a few IKEA house plants and a bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award! I have already wasted so much time! So I’d like to cut phone time down to 45 minutes a day, which still seems huge, but it’s a start.

  6. Sort out our bedroom. We have so far conquered the bathroom, loo, and hallway of our house. We’ve had the walls painted, stuck up a few prints, bought some soft furnishings and made peace with the fact that the 1980s kitchen of our rented flat will always be a bit beige and shit. And so the next task is to tackle our bedroom, which has a couple of pictures up and some clean white walls, but precious little else to offer. I’d like it to become a space that is nice to wake up in, rather than just OK.

Us after dinner party no. 12!

Us after dinner party no. 12!

So there’s what I hope to do this year. I hope that writing it down helps me along the way, or at least gives me something to ponder on the morning of 31st December 2019 when I wake up in our undecorated bedroom, scrolling on my phone.