How I became half woman, half bagel

This isn't anything fancy, funny or informative- it's just a little write up of my trip to New York, NEW YORK and mainly what I ate there. 

We flew in on the red eye which sounds chic but was actually just the cheapie Norwegian night flight where you have to pay an extra $5 for a blanket and five times as much for food so end up you end up squashing a Mars bar and a Pret baguette into your handbag and eating it at 4.30am. We got into Brooklyn in the early afternoon and headed for the main event: A BAGEL. We then ambled on to our AirBnB, which was effectively my dream home, got changed, did a very sweaty walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and went for dinner at The Smith where I was reunited with the love of my life: chips.

The next morning we went for a lovely little run around Prospect Park before heading out for breakfast at Jack's Wife  Freda. I had the Mediterreanen breakfast and it was bangin'. Then we walked through Bryant Park, through Central Park and then we waited in a queue at Levain Bakery for approx 3 million years (actual human time: about 14 minutes) to buy Chocolate Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip and Walnut cookies which I'm happy to report were SO worth waiting for. The cookies served as good fuel for going on to MoMA, which we saved some $$$ on because on Friday nights it's free, where they had such a good fashion exhibition on. Elbowing way through crowds was enough to work up an appetite to go visit By Chloe, which serves vegan fast food and categorically the TASTIEST cashew cheese and artichoke dip I've ever had (crumbs in pic artist's own). 

On Saturday morning I lived out my NYC dream by waking up early and doing some writing in a pretentious Brooklyn coffee shop before indulging in bagel number two of the trip (dollars in pic included for scale, context and sheer bad taste). We then scoured the local thrift stores and visited an ice cream shop which served 3 separate peanut butter flavours. I had two scoops, obvs. Next we ambled on to the transit museum in which I spent 10 minutes looking at old metro passes and found the publicity for a biscuit company that I think me circa 1899 would've REALLY been into. Then we went to the Guggenheim, which although excellent was also pay-what-you-want evening, so a bit mental. To recover from this, we had a stress-induced pre-dinner cheesecake (something I live by) and then got artichoke pizza which MIGHT have been one of the best/largest slices of pizza I've ever had. 

On Sunday we went to the Museum of the City of New York, which was categorically one of the best museums I've ever been to. It has such great installations documenting the history of the city and at the time some great exhibitions on Salsa, Activism and Suffrage. We were there for three hours but I could've definitely spent the whole day there. In the end I was glad we didn't because on Sunday there was something we had really been looking forward to and boy, oh boy, was it a JOURNEY to get there. We waited for a bus, ran about 3 seconds of the track of the New York marathon, got a train and then walked to get to Ms. Majorie Eliot's house for some parlour jazz. We sat in her little Harlem kitchen, listening to piano and saxophone and flute and spoken word and eating fig newtons. It was such a gorge experience and definitely one of my favourite things about the trip (maybe along with the vegan soul food we went onto after). 

On Monday morning said my bye byes to my pal over breakfast at Maman before heading onto the 9/11 Memorial Museum, a walk along the high line and grabbing bagel number four. New York, New York, thanks for it all.