Morning with me

Before we kick off, here's a content warning that this post goes into the specifics of how i exercise and what I eat. If you don't think that'd be a good thing for you to read, don't, it's so not worth your time. Read something else! Funny stuff here. Life stuff here.

I have absolutely no shame in admitting that I am obsessed with the breakdown of other people’s morning routines. 

I love being let in on the minutiae of other people’s lives. I want to know what time your alarm goes off, how you take your coffee, whether you eat  breakfast in bed or at your desk. I’m especially interested in the decisions, the habits, the routine one makes in the morning because you probably do what you think will put you in best stead for a good day. And I like to know what makes people happy.

In the interest of repaying the favour to everyone I’ve made recount their morning routine, minute by minute, from eyes open to front door slammed behind you, here’s how I spend my first waking hours most weekdays. 

Our alarm wakes me up with its wanky gradual light and birdsong full blast by 6.40am. Then I’m up. Out of the bed. Slippers on. Turn off the alarm because Beau stays in bed a little longer than I do. Into the sitting room to write my morning pages. If I’m running late, I’ll only write one or two pages, but I tend to get three done within about ten minutes.  Turn on my phone.

Next I jump in the shower, do my skincare routine and get dressed by about 7.10. Kettle on. Pint of water. Make breakfast. Drink coffee and eat banana and peanut butter on toast in front of BBC Breakfast. Cringe at how every conversation a newsreader has to have is like one with your posh grandparents. Like clockwork, Beau will wander in at 7.30 complaining he has had ‘too much sleep’. Chat to him whilst I put my make up on. 

Put the last bits and pieces in my bag, complain that I can’t find my Oyster card/keys/literally anything that is crucial to carrying out my daily life and grab my lunchbox out of the fridge. Mornings start the night before, eh? Most evenings I manage to whack some chilli in a Tupperware and then I put some snacks in my bag for the day too. Brush teeth. Grab my book from the bedroom. Shoes on, shout BYELOVEYOUHAVEAGREATDAY into the void as he is inevitably mediating or making some kind of breakfast concoction involving boiled eggs, sriarcha and peanut butter which I 3000% don’t want to witness and am walking to the station by 7.55. 


The only frequent deviation from this routine (aside from weekends) is that 2-3 mornings a week we go swimming before work. Even though it only requires getting up 20 minutes earlier than normal, everything seems five times more difficult, so I tend to shun the morning pages (soz) and run around the flat like a blue-arsed fly and try not to disturb the neighbours. We get up at 6.20. Kettle on. Pint of water. He makes coffee. I get my shit together. Put my swimming costume on under my clothes. Check for the fifteenth time that I have indeed packed a bra. Quick espresso. Lunch in bag. Out of the door by 6.50 (or 6.54 if you’re my boyfriend and as a child took a vaccination against feeling any sense of urgency). We’re lucky to live a 10 minute walk away from our local leisure centre (which I LOVE) so we’re in the pool by 7.10. Beau annoys me by shouting ‘THERE’S AN EGG IN THE POOL!’ because my swimming cap is bright yellow and makes me look like a yolk doing a slow front crawl. Finish at 7.40. Surprise myself by managing to have a shower, wash and dry my hair, get dressed, slap some CC cream and paint some eyebrows on to meet Beau in the lobby at 8 (or 8.03 if you’re me and hold unreasonable time keeping standards for everyone but yourself). Take the tube together which is nice and even nicer when you bump into your best friend mid-journey like I did this week and you get to spend what is normally 20 minutes in the purest depths of commuter hell with the two people you love most in the world. I eat brekkie at my desk (normally overnight oats or a peanut butter and banana sarnie we’ve made the night before) and





Tell me what you do every morning! 

I need to know!