I'm on a budget

I am just

Come pay day, when I see that chunk of money in my account, I forget that it has to spread across rent and bills and food shops and leisure centre membership and everything I want to buy/do/experience for the next 30 days. And so, although I have all the best intentions of squirrelling some money away and spreading the rest nice and evenly across the month, I rarely ever do. I buy the expensive lipstick I want (in two colours). I spend money on tops I kind of like (just because they're in the sale). I raise my glass to another bottle of wine for the table at dinner with one hand (and quickly transfer some money from savings with the other).

What with direct debits and contactless cards and my own pure ignorance, recently I've lost track of my spending. And so, inspired by a budgetting week that my gal Alice documented on her Insta, for the next three weeks, I have set myself a little budget. 

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I looked over my diary for the next three weeks and figured out that, what with the social events/travel/presents I'm committed to until the end of the month, a budget of £75 per week seems achievable- if not, necessary. I understand that in the grand scheme of things, that might seem like a lot of money (or very little) to others. I'm lucky that I have disposable income at all- I understand that it's a privilege. My boyfriend mentioned that it seemed perhaps a little frivolous. I see that. But I also reserve the right to spend my money, that I work hard for, as I see fit: I'm young, I live in one of the most expensive cities in the world, I love going out, I love clothes and skincare and overpriced cocktails and pizza. It's not really about the specific amount, it's about living within my means, being able to put some money aside for the future whilst still being able to enjoy myself (this time, with a little bit of reason).

And a lot of this little project is about reiterating the importance of that to myself: spending money as I see fit; spending my money on what really matters to me. I know that I value people more than I value products. I know that I would rather share in an experience than buy shoes. I know that a new lipstick doesn't mean as much to me as a late night with my pals does. So as well as trying to keep track of my spending, I'm also hoping that this little challenge will curtail the impulse spending: the little buzz that comes with a new lipstick, rather than the long-lasting memory that comes with travel or a trip home.

I'll write a round-up of the first week on here on Monday. But in the meantime, come along and follow what's happening day-to-day on my Insta- I'm updating everyday. I'm also planning on writing about meal prep, because economising when it comes to food, whilst still making tasty, hearty meals that fill me up, is something I'm good at.