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Hi-hey-hello pals, ya gal CM here.

Ever since I started writing this blog, my FB inbox has been fillin' up. I've had countless messages from friends old and new, from colleagues, from classmates and from people I haven't spoken to in years. Whilst many of them are much appreciated messages of support, a lot are from pals who say they can totally relate to the trouble I've had with disordered eating. On one hand, it's bloody brill that people feel the need to get in touch and I love that this blog is forging these connections, but on the other it is so effing depressing that from just within my little social circles so many people (primarily women, lez be real) have been affected by some form of unhealthy relationship with food and their body.

So if you're struggling and you've written to me: thank you. You make the writer's block and the illegible scribbles in my notebook so worth it. Keep going. Keep trying. Keep learning. And if you're reading this and feel affected by it too, do something. Talk to someone. Visit your doctor. Eat a crumpet. I'm so not qualified to give advice, especially as I'm still going through the process myself (long and frustrating as it is), so consider this to be my reading list for Giving Up Dieting 101. I hope they're helpful to you.







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