You don't have to lose weight for the wedding

I’m a bridesmaid this summer.

I get to be part of the build up and the excitement and the prep and I get to stand beside my best friend on a very special day in her life. It’s a huge honour. I am so touched to be asked, and for it be inferred, at least in part, that I am important to someone I really love.

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Good Morning

I snooze my alarm a lot.
I leave the bin to get to crisis level of full before I empty it.
I still watch Big Brother.
I’m in a tiny little rubber dinghy sailing a sea of bad habits.

But in amongst the waves, I have one good thing I do every day...

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New Year's Resolutions, 2019

I know. I KNOW. New Year’s Resolutions are trash and make us feel like failures and there are 12,000 different think pieces out this week about why we should leave them behind with the year we’ve just waved goodbye to, but the truth is, dear reader, I am still hanging on. I love them. I make them every year and this one is no different. So after a tiny bit of thought on a hungover day in Betwixtmas, here’s the shit I hope to do in 2019:

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I think if we broke up, we'd both be fine

Sometimes I have to remind myself that just because I like someone and think them cool and clever and successful doesn’t mean I always have to agree with them.

A person who I happen to like and think is cool and clever and successful said something along these lines the other day:

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