New Year's Resolutions, 2019

I know. I KNOW. New Year’s Resolutions are trash and make us feel like failures and there are 12,000 different think pieces out this week about why we should leave them behind with the year we’ve just waved goodbye to, but the truth is, dear reader, I am still hanging on. I love them. I make them every year and this one is no different. So after a tiny bit of thought on a hungover day in Betwixtmas, here’s the shit I hope to do in 2019:

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I think if we broke up, we'd both be fine

Sometimes I have to remind myself that just because I like someone and think them cool and clever and successful doesn’t mean I always have to agree with them.

A person who I happen to like and think is cool and clever and successful said something along these lines the other day:

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Notes to self, on a down day

Go outside. I know when you’re capital d Down, that your uniform is pyjamas and your place of residence the sofa and the sound of the telly dulls the chaos of your brain but just put on your trainers and go outside. Fresh air, daylight, the breeze, they’ll all do you good. Remind yourself that the world is bigger than how you feel right now…

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How to be OK with gaining weight

For a long time, I wanted, so desperately, to just feel normal around food. I wanted to just feel OK about eating breakfast without analysing the numbers and enjoy a cheese board with my friends without subconsciously committing to a ten mile run the next day and stop thinking about Easter Eggs all. the. effin’. time…

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